Are you a fabulous woman who is ready to:

  • Pivot into a new and meaningful career?
  • Transform a lifestyle that does not serve you?
  • Shake free from a personal or professional gridlock?

As a transformational life coach specializing in guiding life transformations for women, I will be honored to guide you in your own exploration, thoughts, feelings, and pathway to your goals in your process.

Who am I?

I am Hege, a Female Former Military Officer, Veteran, TEDx Speaker, Social Scientist, Traveler - and Coach!

I have been an instructor, mentor, and leader of personnel for many years, I can truly say I love to help people grow, glow, find empowerment, and achieve things they never thought possible!

And I have learned that when you want greater things, you need to choose greater thoughts, quite simply. 

Think on purpose.

I will help you develop self-leadership skills that are both compassionate and assertive. 

You will find out how to align your mind, body, and soul to break through your inner glass ceiling and start creating and walking the path to your goal!

Why Work With Me?

  • Do you want to identify your limited self concept & break through?

    I have done that. When you reach your physical limit, you will find out you have more. When you reach your mental limits, I will help you see you have more. Your limit is in your mind, and I will help you pivot your mind into mastery.

  • Do you want to become an assertive & compassionate leader of yourself?

    I have done that. I left my life, to build a new one that I wanted more. I will show you that fear and lack of clarity is not a reason to stay put. The path will appear when you start walking if you become the leader you need.

  • Do you want to create a growth pathway for your business's full potential?

    I can help you do that. It takes some work, but if you know your business has the potential for more - it will be worth it. I will help you identify your business's internal weak points, and create a thriving culture based on powerful values.

Online 1:1 Coaching Packages

  • Package of 3x1 hour sessions

    This small package allows us to establish your authentic goals and identify any blockages that might hold you back so you can start building your pathway yourself.

  • Package of 5x1 hour sessions

    This medium package allows us to identify your authentic goals, and any blockages to work with and create a step-by-step pathway to move forward that suits you and your life.

Decisive Skills To Pivot & Transform Your Mindset

    1. Lesson 1 Introduction to Communication

    1. Lesson 2 Words Tone And Body Language

    1. Lesson 3 Filters: Understand the annoying tripwires In communication

    1. How To Communicate Better with a Travelers Mindset TEDx Talk

    2. How to use the Travelers Mindset and STAR Approach Method

    1. Communicators, Lecturers & Audiences - who are you?

    1. Hearing vs Listening - Up your Listening Skills With Simple Steps!

About this course

  • Free
  • 9 lessons
  • 1.5 hours of video content

How To Communicate Better With A Travelers Mindset

TEDx Mountain Ave 2023

The Power To Pivot Your Life To Greatness!

Are you a brilliant woman ready to Pivot your Business, your Career, or your Life, to a new level?

If you answer YES to any of my questions, you probably have felt out of sync in your life for some time before you arrived at this point where you know something needs to change. 

Although coaching often is perceived to be a "head" thing, transforming your life to greatness requires holistic focus, and integrating mind and body.

You need to feel it!

Thoughts, feelings, and emotions need to pull in the same direction for you to succeed. 

Transformational thinking means you must identify your current thought pattern, evaluate it, and decide what parts serve you and what parts do not.

And then, you need to challenge the parts that do not serve you.

My method is based on the research of renowned scientists within neuroplasticity, biology, psychology, and tried and tested coaching practices.

Pivot Your Communication Skills & Growth Mindset

The Transformational Pivot Mindset

To move forward from your transformational pivot point, you need to challenge the mindset that keeps you where you are.

How you speak with yourself in your inner dialogue creates your self-concept, and how you speak with others even shows them how to reflect that self-concept back to you - reinforcing it.

Because your self-concept is your dogma, part of your belief system, it sets the framework for how you perceive the edge of your possibilities, limitations, and attainable goals.

Taking leadership of your internal dialogue and challenging how you think your thoughts will create your transformational pivot mindset

Level up your internal and external communication, upgrade your self-concept and discover that choosing to think with purpose will pivot your reality to the next level.

You can have exactly what you want, but getting there might take some work.

If you need guidance and a communication partner who can help ask the questions necessary to get you moving, read on!

Pivot Mindset Skills

  • Develop Internal And External Pivot Communication Skills

  • Identify Limiting Self Concept, And Set Goals

  • Create An Accountable Growth Pathway

  • Pivot Self Leadership & Mindset Mastery

  • Deliberate Culture Creation

Pivot Your Business to Growth With Mentoring

How much effort are you putting into developing the culture of your organization

Every organization or company has a culture, whether you are aware of it or not. And if you are not consciously building a thriving organizational culture, it will build itself completely unsupervised.

Your organization's communication and cooperation culture affects your business more than you might be aware of. 

If your leadership is not trained in communication skills, and your staff is not guided into a safe and growth-minded culture, you might see unwanted consequences.

These might be a high turnover of personnel and low continuity, sick notices, a negative atmosphere, destructive competition, too many administration or unexpected expenses, and a fragmented direction of your business. 

For your business to thrive on all levels, consciously building a thriving organizational culture is essential.

Four basic business growth values. 

  • Trust Foundation
  • Personal and Professional Recognition
  • Clear Roadmap
  • Common Objective

If you recognize any of these issues in your business organization, I will help you identify exactly what the roadblocks are. 

From there, we can create the ultimate environment in your organization for personal, professional, and financial growth through talks, workshops, or tailored internal coursing.

What I Offer

  • Transformational Business Culture Mentoring

  • Tailored Courses

  • Custom-Created Workshops

  • Live Speaking At Your Event

Pivot Communication Mastery

Developing knowledge about the most important principles of communication, skills for self-awareness, and self-mastery are crucial to identify limitations, setting the right goals, and creating the pathway to achieve those goals. 

We all meet challenges in communication with others and even with ourselves.

Sometimes communicating with others is as easy as breathing, while other times, it feels like pushing a rope uphill. 

In some situations, you seem to have a clear and focused mind, while in others, your mind is a rollercoaster of entangled emotions and thoughts.

A conscious relationship with the language your mind has developed in communicating with yourself and others is an important first step to transformation.

From there, your work to mind mastery, setting goals, and finding your attainable pathway there is yours to create. 

And I would be honored to help you on your journey!

The Power To Pivot Coaching and Mentoring

Founder and CEO Hege Jacobsen

In 2020, Hege Jacobsen left her career in the army after more than 20 years of service and became an ICF-certified coach, course creator, full-time traveler, writer, and TEDx speaker. Hege has had a variety of roles in the army and more than 10 deployments overseas. Since 2007 she has deployed regularly with Special Forces as an instructor, liaison, mentor, analyst, and leader of personnel. In her career, Hege has developed the skill of self-leadership, mindset mastery, and identifying what she calls the "pivot point" for transformation. She will help you create yours, set goals, and craft the pathway forward to growth in business and life. She specializes in transformational coaching and mentoring for women after having done that journey herself. Hege has been teaching and working with the "art and science" of internal, external, and organizational communication. What is communicating, what makes it hard, when is it easy, and what are the most common pitfalls we meet in our communication with others and ourselves? What is a thriving organizational culture, and how do we build one? In addition to the Krigsskolen higher military academy in Norway, Hege has a Master's degree in Social Sciences from Nord University in the polar city of Tromsø and is an ICF Certified Professional Life Coach.

CV Hege Jacobsen

Education: Master of Social Science, Nord University, International Politics, Cultural Understanding, and Conflict Studies, Bachelor of Social Science Nord University, Norwegian Officers Academy Krigsskolen, Norwegian Basic Officers School. Experience: Norwegian Army, Mentor with Norwegian Special Forces Deployments, Leader Group Norwegian Special Forces Deployments, Liaison in International Operations, Tactical & Operational Leader of personnel, Instructor and teacher, Course creator, Analyst, and Project Officer.